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    Hugh Thomson of ripped us off!

    I used to be a member of this web site. Just before it was sold, Hugh announced a membership drive to

    raise funds to develop a app for mobile devices. As many did I contributed, $300 towards

     this under the agreement that if the target funds were not reached I would receive a refund minus $2 for


    Well Hugh announces that the member drive was a success and the app would be created. Several months

    later the site was sold. And several years later the refund has not arrived and there is still no app.

    Hugh has defrauded us and run with the money. I would call the cops but they were not interested

     in justice unless you are wealthy.

    I am still waiting for action on previous fraud complaints for Bell. story to follow........................




C Band on small Dish!

By Daniel Twinn, Staff Writer

So take a WineGard 1m dish, a DMSI C\KU band single LNBF, one Stab motor and you got some free channels. Great addition to you OTA or stand alone if you wish as we got a nice selection;

83w -SD/HD some random feeds need rescanning always for fresh feeds, sports and events.


99w Caribbean feeds SD CW, THIS, local Casper NBC station, HD NBC, FOX.  6 channels varies from COSI to religion, lots of old shows.

107.3 couple of political feed NWT.

About 20 channels of value all English, except Caribbean where commercials are not.  Plus some KU's;

72w-2-4 KUSD NBC feeds. weather channel, MSNBC, NBC mostly prime time otherwise test pattern

83w SD/HD some random feeds need rescanning always for fresh feeds, sports and events.

87w KU -SD Louisiana PBS Create & World, an HG Louisiana PBS no rescan needed and some CNN HD feeds varies on content

95w KU-CCTV multi language all SD.

A work in progress.