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 Windows 10 installs with 'invade your privacy' set by default.

Millbrook 12/20/2018 by dtwinn

 So it looks like i was not the only one with activation issues. It was a defect 'as a service'. So we continue with my prime laptop getting Windows 10. So if you really want slow just upgrade and your crippled. Moving to a hybrid and or an SSD drive solves that issue. This is mandatory for any older machines. And you need to go over privacy settings  now and after any feature upgrade as it's all turned on by default. 

 Was setting up WSUS to deliver upgrades and patches. I noticed a new version of Windows 10, LTSB version that will not update features for 10 years but only available to the wealthy.  

What have they done on the client end?  It seems totally out of the users control to immediately install any updates. it sits at ready for ever and no way to launch now. So after 3 years on the market still needs much work. Oh and I set up a virtual machine too, gonna need that a lot I suspect.

Next month we start pushing clients to start the upgrade process to Windows 10 , oh boy what fun.

Twinntech Concerned about reliability of Windows 10

Millbrook 10/23/2018 by dtwinn

 Well just over a year to go until Windows 7 support ends. 10 is around the corner but who wants it? A no boot, file deletion operating system that will constantly change. Business relies on stuff staying the same as long as they can, not possible with 10. Support for each version is short-lived and forced upgrades are the norm. unbelievable! Who wants to go first?

Well I guess it will be me. So i bought these 2 HP workstations with win 7 pro OEM install and took the free windows 10 upgrade version 1709 i think. then i parked them in a corner until a few weeks ago. I stated preparing WSUS for the new arrivals in October and deployed the first workstation. Ok so far so good. Then the 1803 update arrived and forced the upgrade. So it went ok then a week later i notice the windows is not activated message on the desktop. Huh. Ok so i tried to activate it. nope not successful. So i tried the 'troubleshooter'. it say that i must downgrade to windows home because that's the license it finds. HuH. Win 7 pro to win 10 pro upgrade how can this be? Then i search the web for answers. Lots of others with same problem and lots of try this try that. How can i operate a business filled with Win 10 workstations if this is what happens every semi annual update?

So the advice i took was to continue clicking the activate over and over and voila it worked! What a flaky operation MS is these days. No wonder Win 7 is still beating 10 for most used OS.

the second machine will stay parked for now.


C Band on small Dish!

By Daniel Twinn, Staff Writer

So take a WineGard 1m dish, a DMSI C\KU band single LNBF, one Stab motor and you got some free channels. Great addition to you OTA or stand alone if you wish as we got a nice selection;


Is it me or has free to air satellite craze ended?. Drop me a line about what you think. Is streaming  data the king now?