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    In December 2010, the Anti-Spam law was passed in Canada. As of July 1st 2014, it will go in effect.  The purpose of the law is to protect  Canadians while ensuring that businesses can continue to compete in the global marketplace.

    Companies can no longer:

    Send you commercial emails or text messages without your previous consent.

    Install computer programs on your computer without your previous consent.

    Mislead you with false representations online in the promotion of products and services.

    Collect your personal information through a computer system in violation of federal law (e.g. 
    the Criminal Code of Canada)

    Collect your electronic addresses through computer programs or use those addresses, without permission. 


    You can report violations of any of these to

    Since the law took effect a week ago, already over 1,000 violations have been reported. Businesses that violate the law could face financial penalties of up to $10 million per violation, while individuals could be fined up to $1 million per infraction. Clearly this law is going to reduce the amount of spam you get, but it’s certainly not going to eliminate it. Consent for said advertisements were needed before the law was put into action. Sending out emails asking for consent afterwards also counts as an infraction.


Bell lays off 91 employees

By Gavin Buttigieg, Staff Writer

Bell Media has laid off 91 employees throughout its television operations. A few of the channels affected include:


These position cuts are part of a previously mentioned  reduction of up to 120 staff, focused on the Toronto television operations. Bell Media had announced on June 23 that it planned to lay off up to 120 employees throughout next few months as part of a cost-cutting plan to combat declining revenue in many broadcast businesses.

Bell Media, one of Canada's largest media companies, owns a collection of television channels that have all been hurt by ongoing changes in the media landscape including emerging competition from new online players that have nabbed audiences and advertising dollars. Newer media outlets such as YouTube and Netflix have emerged as a significant threat to traditional TV broadcasters and cable companies.

Some of the aftermath of the job cuts in Bell Media include a large amount of programs being cut from MuchMusic. This means more shows like South Park and Tosh.0 and less original programming, much less programs actually about music.

This is what happens when phone companies are in control of your television.

Windows XP, Small Bussiness Server 2003 and Microsoft Office 2003 end of support on April 8, 2014