Our policy has always been to offer our customers an affordable solution that meets their needs. 

I started my career with automobiles and the dealer network that supports it, what an industry. I spent 20 years servicing the public, 10 years in management. I went through the change to computers in the workplace and was always involved in the upgrades.

 My desire to be my own boss was spirited by the lack of enthusiasm of my former employers to be honest with the service they offered the customers. The Digital era was the next calling for me, so I went into it, learned all there is to know about it and then applied it successfully to run it properly.  Now the sons are coming on board, what will the future hold for them?

Our main objective has always been to service our customers the way we ourselves like to be treated. We strive to be honest with our customers and give the most for the money they are spending.

Our Team

                               Chris Watts Daniel Twinn - Senior Consultant                                          Jose Martinez Striker - Mascot