CFTO channel 9.1

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Bounce TV channel 23.2

ION Television channel 51.1

LAFF TV channel Buffalo 7.2
 and Rochester 8.3

CITS channel 36.1

CHCH Hamilton channel 11.1

Escape TV channel Buffalo 7.3
 and Rochester 8.4

Free TV? What’s it all about?

If you watch mainly the top 100 programs on TV and you subscribe to cable, Satellite or Fiber you are being ripped off for $1000 per year. You can watch all these for free with a small initial investment.

Getting TV for free? Isn't that illegal?

Not at all. While other free TV systems can use a satellite receiver to steal TV Channels, this TV system uses a Digital Antenna to bring TV channels to your home and is 100% legal. Isn't that a load off your back?

But I want HD and all digital!

You can have that too. Formats HD 1080i, 720p, some are 480, 0$ per month, every month.

Your current TV provider will help pay for your Free TV equipment!

You can get them to chip in a few hundred dollars, order now to find out how.

What about TIVO, PVR etc.?

Free TV does that too! Set up a Windows Media center Home Theatre PC with some tuners and some disks and watch, pause, record and rewind live TV.

Hey, I want whole house PVR!

Yes you can do that too. Just add some Xbox 360’s in each room, network them to your HTPC and watch your Windows HTPC.

What are the top shows?

See what the rankings are (US). Are you paying to watch Free HD network shows?

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Install it yourself or we can do it for you

Buy what you need from our store and install it yourself or we can come by and assist/do it for you.If you need something not offered contact us we can get it all. Got an old tower? We can restore it to full funtionality or remove it.

I have old TV’s, will they work too?

Only newer TV’s are free TV ready but we can adapt the older ones to work almost as well.

How can I tell what is available in my area?

Perform a signal analysis to see what your area is like;

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Bell Canada – Rogers – Shaw.

 Price goes up every year!

Free TV still $0 per month.

The monthly fees for select TV services will increase in  2016. Please refer to the information below for a list of impacted services. If you do not have free TV you had better get used to this as it happens every year. At the current rate by 2030 TV will be $200 month!

Bell   Rogers


ION Life channel 51.3

*NEW* Justice TV channel 2.3