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Local News


CRTC forces pay TV providers to offer Skinny package for $25.


Millbrook 05/11/2016 by dtwinn


So this is basically Canadian TV only on Satellite package for $300 per year plus equipment rental/purchase. For About the same money you can have way more USA channels and only pay for one year, free beyond that. Plus no subbing of US content with Canadian channels. Who wants to pay for US feeds when they are not US? Plus HD quality is better on over the air signals. Looks like the cable companies are offering  more but still less than antenna TV.

US roaming buy in our store wireless section

Unlimited talk, text and data for Canadians travelling in the USA

C Band on small Dish!

By Daniel Twinn, Staff Writer

So take a WineGard 1m dish, a DMSI C\KU band single LNBF, one Stab motor and you got some free channels. Great addition to you OTA or stand alone if you wish as we got a nice selection;



99w Caribbean feeds SD CW, THIS, , HD NBC, FOX.  6 channels varies from COSI to religion, lots of old shows.

107.3 couple of political feed NWT., CTV two

111.3 City TV from Sask. hey why is there not one in eastern Ontario?

About 20 channels of value all English, except Caribbean where commercials are not. 




A work in progress.