Emergency on Site service

Gravity Series 

HELP! On site emergency services are available on a pre-arranged basis. If you need this you're using someone else as we do not allow this to happen.



Road Series    

We can check your security logs  for trouble. Make sure your backup jobs are successful. Be sure your threat detection and mitigation systems are working and up to date. Check you server storage and manage your patches and updates.


Data Entry

Road Series    


Sometimes you just need some help to pound on the keys

 and get caught up. We can help there too. Temp or long term.

IT Infrastructure Consultation


Let us explain your server, workstation and network needs in a way that you can understand. This is a sure way to avoid emergency service needs. We can design a system that works for you and keeps all your info/data safe from cyber criminals.

Digital TV service

With the rising cost of TV service who has money to pay for channels you dont want or watch but are stuck with as part of your bundle? That is why the Tv providers are hurting. Free TV supplies for you Off the Air needs in our store.